Laughing Buddha Jade Necklace

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Length: 60cm/24inches


Pendant:Natural Agate Chain:Premium Quality 18K Gold Plated Stainless Steel (rust-proof, nickel-free).


Wearing Feng Shui jewelry can generate magnetic field in a certain space, releasing a large amount of positive energy to stimulate the potential energy of the human body, which has certain benefits for human health. Quantum energy field nuclei, in line with nature, regulate the harmony between people and nature.

The Qi of Feng Shui is the Qi of the unified field of the universe, the Earth, the region, the building group, the plants and the human body. The field qi of the universe, the earth and the region is the big field qi. Feng Shui products can regulate the qi field around you, drive away bad luck, absorb good luck, and ward off evil and attract wealth.


Maitreya Buddha is a better luck jewelry, men often wear it, can stabilize the wearer's irritability, but also relieve mental stress, so that people become more pleasant mood, look more refreshed.

Protection of peace If you wear Maitreya Buddha for a long time, you can increase the closeness with it, which can also increase its spirituality, thus enhancing the function of blessing yourself, and also absorb wealth.

Women wearing the Jade Buddha can learn more about the Buddha's compassion, tolerance, forgiveness and optimism, becoming open-minded, relaxed and dashing. It is believed that the Jade Buddha can bring blessings to women and is their Lord of Protection, blessing them with peace, health, wealth and happiness.