Cat's Eye Beaded Bracelet

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Size M: Pi Xiu size: about 3.3*1.7cm,Bead Diameter:about 10mm,the totle number of beads:17pcs Size L: Pi Xiu size: about 3.3*1.7cm,Bead Diameter:about 12mm,the totle number of beads:13pcs


Cat's eye Stone and 24k Gold plated Alloy(rust-proof, nickel-free)



The bracelet with Pi Yao/ Pi Xiu is a traditional symbol to protect lucky and wealth in Asia, with the mighty mythical creatures, good fortune will company with you.It is believed to bring fortune, good tidings and protection to his owner.Pi Xiu can also ward off evil spirits, attract wealth and good luck.

The bracelet is a nice gift for your families,friends and yourself for good luck appealing.Appropriate holiday gifts:anniversary, graduation, thanksgiving, retirement, mother's day, christmas, Valentine¡¯s Day, Birthday, Father¡¯s Day, Mother¡¯s Day.



Cat's eye stone is a precious and rare gemstone that is often considered to be a powerful spiritual effect. Its powerful spiritual power can serve to ward off evil spirits and evil spirits by placing it indoors to eliminate unclean things and serve to ward off evil spirits. In many countries in the East, opal is often used as a talisman.
In many countries people believe that cat's eye stone, with its transmitting function, can not only be worn for a long time to bring good luck, but also help people improve their relationships and get unexpected help as soon as they speak.
The unique structure and magnetic field of cat's eye stone can promote the blood circulation of human body and enhance the memory of people. The unique minerals and trace elements contained in cat's eye stone can replenish the body's scarce trace elements, which can improve immunity and strengthen the body. It can also enhance cellular vitality, promote the body's metabolism, effectively eliminate toxins from the body, and play a beauty effect.



Wearing Feng Shui jewelry can generate magnetic field in a certain space, releasing a large amount of positive energy to stimulate the potential energy of the human body, which has certain benefits for human health. Quantum energy field nuclei, in line with nature, regulate the harmony between people and nature.

The Qi of Feng Shui is the Qi of the unified field of the universe, the Earth, the region, the building group, the plants and the human body. The field qi of the universe, the earth and the region is the big field qi. Feng Shui products can regulate the qi field around you, drive away bad luck, absorb good luck, and ward off evil and attract wealth.