Insence Stick Holder with Removable Crown Glass Ash Catcher


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Upside down incense holder

This is seriously the best incense holder ever! It's not only stylish and beautiful, but it's also functional and solves all the problems I used to have. It catches all the fallen ash and can see the incense burning perfectly. It's made the whole space smell amazing.

anti-ash flying incense holder
For Meditation

Upside-down Incense holder


  • Anti-Ash Flying & Windproof
  • Avoid Burning Hands


6 in 1 Multifunctional Holder

multifunctional incense holder

1. Use as upside-down Incense holder; 2. Use as tradition Incense holder; 3. Use as incense cones holder

palo santo holder

4. Use as candle holder; 5. Use as sage holder; 6. Use as palo santo holder

100% ash catch incense holder

100% Ash Catch

Say goodbye to the troubles of cleaning up after burning incense. This inverted incense holder can catch 100% ashes, preventing them from falling all over the table. The metal rod with clamp holds the incense stick upside down above the glass cup, allowing the ashes to fall directly into the cup.

easy to clean incense holder

Easy to Clean

This inverted incense holder is very easy to clean. The crown cup is removable and can be easily cleaned with brush. The metal rod and bamboo base can also be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Please enjoy a clean and beautiful space without any trouble.


  • 100% Ash Catcher Design: The incense sticks hang upside down at the middle point of the bamboo wood incense burner, with its ash falling straight down into the glass bottle ash catcher, thereby preventing the ash from getting out and say goodbye to messy ash on your tabletop.
  • Easy to Clean: The sealed bottom of the glass ash catcher makes it easy to remove ash residue and also provides safety as it is heat-resistant. The glass ash catcher can be easily detached from the wooden base to dump the ash residue, which can then be rinsed off with water. This simplifies the cleaning process and maintain its attractive appearance.
  • Eco-friend Bamboo Base: Bamboo is organic material that has a unique natural texture and appearance that adds character to the product. Bamboo is renewable resources and biodegradable, so it is very best eco-friendly material. In addition, Bamboo are known to be resistant to heat and fire, It can withstand high temperatures without catching fire, ensuring the safety of the user.
  • Easy to Use: The alligator head metal clip make it very easy to clamping your incense stick in place. The opening size of the clip is 1mm~5mm, can firmly grasp different sizes of incense without damaging the stick. The height of metal support is 9.8 inches, which works for most lengths of incense sticks.
  • Widely Used Incense Holder: In addition to the upside-down incense burner, the package comes with a 9-hole disc-shaped holder with three size hole(0.1cm/0.2cm/0.3cm). It can be used as tradition incense burner holder and incense cones holder.