What is Tingsha Bell?

What Is TingSha?

Tingsha (Tibetan: ཏིང་ཤགས་) is a hand-held percussion instrument, mostly produced in Nepal, and is a small cymbal used by Tibetan Buddhist practitioners in prayer and ritual. The antique tingsha is made of a special bronze alloy that produces harmonious overtones. The two cymbals are connected together by a belt or chain. Two cymbals strike each other to make a sound. Tingsha is very thick and produces a distinctive long chime. There is also a single bell placed on the end of a stick and struck with a metal stick, which has a cooler tone. Typical size range is 2.5–4 inches in diameter.

Each tingsha is carefully handcrafted by craftsmen in Nepal, and it is difficult to control the pitch of each cymbal to be exactly the same. A high-quality tingsha will try to match a cymbal of the same shape and tone.

Traditionally, tingsha was a Tibetan religious ritual tool, but now people mostly use tingsha for meditation, yoga, sound healing therapy or music production, often together with singing bowls and other musical instruments.


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The Benefits of TingSha

Tingsha, a religious instrument, is now more used in meditative and healing settings. Gentle strike will make a "ding" sound, crisp and clean, remove negative energy, and instantly wake up every cell of us and wake up the sleeping part inside.
  • It has the effect of relaxing the brain and emptying the mind of excessive thoughts, bringing the consciousness back to the present, making us simple and pure, and more conducive to focusing on the most important things.
  • For physical and mental healing, it can be used together with singing bowls.
  • Before meditation & meditation, it is helpful for centering.
  • It can clean up the personal and space aura and enhance personal energy.


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How To Use Tingsha?

  • Be careful not to use too much force when striking the tingsha! Otherwise, the sound will be too loud and too high, and it will sound dry!
  • Hold both ends of the rope with both hands, so that the tingsha is horizontal, gently move with both hands, and let the bell touch naturally;
  • Pay attention to strength control and practice many times before you can knock out an ethereal, pleasant and comfortable sound;
  • Let the cymbals form a cross, and then tap each other lightly, repeating the heartfelt feeling is the key;
  • If it is used in conjunction with singing bowls, its efficacy can be better exerted. Before meditating or engaging in healing, cleanse the space with tingsha.


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How To Choose Tingsha?

The different tingshas on the market are mostly made of alloy copper, and there are different patterns and sizes to choose from. It is recommended that interested customers choose the sound that you feel comfortable with.


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