The Buddhist View of Wealth

The Buddhist View of Wealth

Today’s society is mainly focused on the development of two elements: economy and technology.

Indeed, economic development has greatly improved peo-ple’s material life.Just over twenty years ago, our daily necessities were still supplied through rationing as we needed coupons to buy food and clothing.

The contrast between the past and our present is quite obvious to everyone.

Not only in food, clothing, housing and transportation are the changes significant, but in urban development as well. The degree of modernization of some coastal cit-ies is not inferior to that of any international metropolis.

The convenience provided by technology has bridged the gap of time and space.Especially in today’s world where the Internet is everywhere, the dream that all under heaven are part of one family has been realized to some extent.

This has given us unprecedented convenience but, on the other hand, the contradiction between our modern lifestyle and traditional values is increasingly plaguing our hearts.

Spreading from coastal areas to the inland, from cities to rural areas, the race for development has also led to fierce competition.

In the countryside today, it is hard to find idyllic, quiet and peaceful sceneries, given the fact that they have mostly been replaced by many township factories.

Competition has made people rather restless.Living conditions have improved, yet few people feel really happy.

On the contrary, the pressure from work and the disorder brought by social transformation have filled our minds with anxiety and confusion. What can we do to solve these problems?

It is true that the afflictions we face originate from practical problems in life. However, the key to solving these problems lies in our views.

We are individuals that form society, and our behaviors and deeds not only have a bearing on personal happiness, but also influence society at large.

 The Buddhist View of Wealth