How to meditate properly

How to Meditate Properly

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Once you know what is meditation and the benefits of meditation, I think you definitely can not wait to start meditating. But where to begin? How to get started? What are the basics? How will it feel? We’re here with the answers you need to get started.

1) Find a quiet environment

A quiet environment can be very useful, away from any possible distractions, phones, radio, TV, computers and other, both audible and visual noise, as noted previously.

2) Wear loose fitting clothes

The clothing can be the greatest help. You should wear clothes as loose fitting as possible

3) Take a seat in a good posture

A good posture is important as it will allow you to breathe freely and avoid back pain. Sitting consciously in a good posture will help you remain present during the meditation practice, preventing you from drifting away.

4) Set a time limit

When first starting out, it’s recommended that you begin with a 10-minute session. You can always make the jump to 15 or 20 minutes the more familiar you become with training the mind.

5) Follow your breath

Let your breathing be natural so that your breath flows in and out in a natural rhythm. Focus your mind on your breathing and the in-and-out movement of the abdomen with each breath.

6) Return your attention to the breath when your mind wander

It’s inevitable that your mind will roam during meditation. Don’t beat yourself up about this. It’s natural. When this happens, simply notice what it is you were thinking about or what was distracting you, then take a moment and pause.

7) End the meditation

When it’s time to end the meditation, feel good about what you have done. Remember that just making the effort to meditate is in itself very meaningful and beneficial. Notice your thoughts and emotions. Minds may become free from problems and unhappiness, and be filled instead with peace and joy.