Why Does Money Become The Root Of All Evil?

Why does money become the root of all evil?

The first cause is the source of wealth, especially today where worshiping money is prevalent in our society. In the past, living conditions were not satisfactory. In spite of poverty, people held to traditional values that allowed them to lead a contented and happy life and devote themselves to spiritual pursuits. 

With the deepening of reform and opening up, and the considerable impact of western materialistic values, China went from a moral society to a utilitarian one. 

People are troubled by both the temptation of material wealth and the sense of crisis brought about by the wealth disparity.  Driven by interests, many people have lost their senses, forgoing laws and ethics and seeking fortune by all means. 

They may defraud others of money through forging and selling fake commodities; they may take risks through smuggling and drug trafficking to make huge profits; they may also use their positions of power for personal gain through corruption or taking bribes. 

When illegal acts involve money, people tend to be blinded, knowingly violating the law without hesitation. 

The second cause is the improper use of money. If we possess wealth but lack a sound mind and detachment towards it, we are likely to lose our senses under the temptation of money. 

 If the three poisons of attachment, aversion and ignorance are the crisis waiting to happen in our life, our improper use of wealth is the fuse that triggers the crisis. 

Many people who became rich overnight either indulge in a life of dissipation and pleasure, or squander money indiscriminately, resulting in great physical and mental harm. These consequences are due to the improper use of wealth. 

The third cause is attachment to wealth. It was reported that during the Southeast Asian financial crisis, there was a sharp increase of patients in mental institutions in Hong Kong.

In order to treat these special patients, those institutions simulated the stock trade and made the fallen stock prices rise again, relieving their mental trauma caused by bankruptcy. 

From this we can learn that if we take wealth accumulation as the sole purpose of our life, once we lose wealth, our whole spiritual balance can be compromised. Such a life is undoubtedly sad.