What is the tree of life?

What is the tree of life?

Kabbalah tree of life, also known as the inverted tree, Kabbalah tree of life (Hebrew original name עץ החיים [Latin transliteration: Etz haChayim]), the English translation is Tree of Cabala/Kabala/Qabalah/Kabbalah. It is a mystical symbol used in Judaism and is part of the traditional Jewish philosophy of "Kabbalah".

According to the records of the second chapter of the "Old Testament Genesis", verses 8-9, the tree of life is located in the center of the Garden of Eden, and Kabbalah uses this to describe the so-called "leading to God" (in Kabbalistic sect texts, it is usually called for "Yahweh," or "God's Name"), or the way God created the world out of nothing.


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What does the tree of life mean?

The ideological principles of Kabbalah come from the "Old Testament, Genesis," "New Testament, Revelation" in the "Bible" of the apocalypse religion, and the "Book of Creation" (Sepher Yetzirah) that appeared in the third to sixth centuries AD. The study of Kabbalah thought is said to be able to see "the mysterious cause and effect of the universe", and the Sepher ha-Zohar, compiled in the thirteenth century, occupies an important place in the prototype of Kabbalah thought.

Kabbalah thought is to symbolize the whole universe with the "tree of life" growing in the kingdom of heaven, and its meaning is difficult to understand. The tree of life is often thought to mean the vast universe, the human body as a small universe, and spiritual traversal to the realm of gods. The tree of life consists of ten circles (sephira) and 22 paths (passes). Human beings are in separate kingdoms, going through 22 paths to ten circles, on a meditative journey until the crown. In addition, it is said that each circle has an archangel who guards and guides people. The tree of life can be roughly divided into basic structures such as three pillars, ten primordial substances, four worlds, and twenty-two paths.


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What does the tree of life symbolize?

Regarding the Kabbalah tree of life, it is generally believed that the ten spheres in the tree of life represent the ten faces of God, the left side represents the male, the right represents the female, and the middle is the zone of harmony between the two. For believers, the ten spheres also represent the energy center that can be obtained by human beings, which is the concept of "God" developed by ancient religions. Taking the analogy of coal and fire, people cannot distinguish the existence of black carbon in the dark, but once the black carbon burns and emits light, people can find its existence, but the flame is only one of the properties expressed by black carbon. Species, by no means represent all black carbon. Ancient thinkers believed that "God" also existed in this way, so they designed ten stages of God's attributes, called "Kabbalah", and the structure of the outflow path connecting these ten attributes was called "Kabbalah life". Tree".


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How is the tree of life organized?

The tree of life is composed of ten "circles/primitives/mass points (Sephirah)" and 22 "paths (Pass)". Human beings are in separate "Kingdoms" (Malkuth), through 22 paths to ten circles, on a meditative journey until the "Kether". In addition, it is said that each circle has an archangel who guards and guides people.

Ten "Circle/Sephirah"

In the historical development of Kabbalah, different schools of thought put forward different structures and express different spiritual aspects. The tradition of counting to ten begins with the Book of Creation, "The ten particles of nothingness are neither nine nor eleven". Although a total of eleven particles are listed by different schools, two of them - "Kether" and "Da'at" are regarded as subconscious and conscious manifestations of the same essence, so The eleven particles are grouped into ten categories.

The ten original substances are in order from top to bottom and from right to left:

1. The junction between the "Crown" (Kether, Crown) and the great universe above the human head. It means the source of creation, pure existence, and the source of vitality. The number is 1 and the color is white. The symbol gemstone is diamond, and the symbol planet is Neptune. The representative figure is the profile of the king, the god's name is Eheieh, and the guardian angel is Metatron. At the same time, it corresponds to the circle known as the last sword - "Malkuth". Transcendence, the nature of God, also represents the pure fire heaven.

2. "Wisdom" (Chhokmah, Wisdom)

Also known as "Father of the Supreme", it is a symbol of masculine principle and "movement". The number is 2 and the color is gray. The symbol gem is turquoise, and the symbol planet is Uranus. God's name is Yod. The guardian angel is Ratziel. Wisdom, pure reason, and the origin of creation also represent the starry sky/primitive sky.

3. "Understanding" (Binah, Understanding)

It has the alias of "Mother Supreme", which corresponds to "Wisdom (Chhokmah)", which symbolizes the "feminine principle" and gives shape to all things. The number is 3 and the color is black. The gem is pearl and the metal is lead, symbolizing the planet Saturn. The representative characters are mature women. The god's name is Elohim, and the guardian angel is Zaphkiel. Execution, substantial reason, the fountain of creation, also represents the Saturnian sky.

4. "Compassion" (or "Benevolence", Chesed/Gedulah, Love)

Means the pure and divine universal law - "love". The number is 4, the color is blue, the metal is tin, the figure is a regular tetrahedron, the gem is sapphire, and the symbol planet is Jupiter. The representative figure is the king sitting on the throne. The god's name is EL, and the guardian angel is Zadkiel. Love, kindness, grace, greatness, also represent Jupiter.

5. "Severe" (or "strict", Geburah, Severity)

Aliases are "Angel's Surgeon" and "Sky's Surgeon". The number is 5, the color is red, the figure is a pentagon, the metal is iron, and the gem is ruby, symbolizing the planet Mars. The god's name is Elohim Gibor, and the guardian angel is Camael. The law, the right of God, the discovery of evil, and anger also represent the Martian sky.

6. "Beauty" (Tiphareth, Beauty)

The central location of the tree of life, the center of energy that replenishes all living things. The number is 6, the color is yellow, and the metal is gold. The symbolic planet is the sun (the sun is also considered a "planet" in occultism), and the god's name is Eloha. The guardian angel is Michael. Compassion, mediation, and beauty also represent the sun, the essence of which is the core of the tree of life.

7. "Victory" (Netsah, Victory)

Containing the meaning of "fertility", the number is 7. 7 comes from the "seven days when Jehovah created the world" in the "New Testament Genesis", which has the meaning of solidity and courage. The color is green, the metal is copper, and the gem is emerald. The symbol planet is Venus. The representative figure is a naked woman. God's name is Adona Tzabaoth. The guardian angel is Haniel. Eternity, expansion, and victory also represent the Venusian sky.

8. Glory (or "Glory", Hod, Splendor)

It means "mold" of material form. The number is 8, the color is orange, and the metal is mercury. The symbol planet is Mercury. The god's name is Elohim Tzabaoth, and the guardian angel is Raphael. Dignity, shrinkage, and glory also represent the Mercury sky.

9. "Foundation" (or "base", Yesod, Foundation)

Means "astral", that is, the aura in the soul and body. Kabbalah expresses "pre-existing matter" in this way. The number is 9, the color is purple, and the metal is silver, symbolizing the planet as the moon (same as the sun, the moon is also regarded as a planet in mysticism). The representative figure is a naked male. The name of God is Shaddai El Chai. The guardian angel is Gabriel. The foundation, the foundation of all things, the creative power of God, also represents the lunar sky.

10. "Kingdom" (Malkuth, Kingdom)

It means "the kingdom of matter". The colors are orange-yellow, olive, red-brown and black, and the gemstone is crystal. The symbol planet is Earth. The representative figure is a young woman sitting on a throne, the god's name is Adonai Melekh, and the guardian angel is Sandalphon. Kingdom, matter, and people also represent the synthesis of the four elements, that is, the existence of matter.

The line formed by connecting 1 to 10 in sequence is also called "Path of the Flaming Sword".

In addition, in the Lurianic Kabbalah of the 16th century, the particle "knowledge" (or "wisdom", Da'at) appeared. Where "knowledge" resides, the ten particles of the tree of life merge into one, so it is not usually depicted. However, sometimes "knowledge" is also regarded as a particle and replaces "Kether", which appears along the central axis of the tree of life, just below the "crown" and directly above "beauty" (Tiphareth), when it is A conscious manifestation of the "crown" seen as non-conscious.

Formation Stage / "Four Worlds"

That is, the four layers that make up the tree of life.

1. "Atziluth", or "The Archetypal World"

The prototype is fire among the four elements. The original (Adam Kadmon, Adam Kadmon) is here. It is said that high-ranking demons belong to this place. The highest rank, the most perfect world, from which other worlds are created. A world of pure souls and minds, representing The Will of Deity

2. "Beriah", or "The Creative World"

The prototype is the wind among the four elements. This is the realm of spirit and soul. Light from the "divine world" begins to organize, and thoughts and concepts begin to take shape. This is the world of the Archangel, representing The Heart of Deity

3. "Yetzirah", or "The Formation World"

The prototype is water among the four elements. The realm of the human soul, from this beginning, has a distinction between men and women. Considered the world of the elements, the organization from the "creation world" begins to form matter, and form begins to manifest. This is the world of little angels, representing The Mind of Deity

4. "Assiah", or "The Material World"

The prototype is the land of the four elements. The world in which we humans live, the soul has a body here. The primordial light fell apart and began to crystallize into matter, nature, and human beings. Abstract concepts become concrete things, which is the world of man.

The Three Pillars

The three pillars from right to left are the Pillar of Mercy, the Pillar of Mildness, and the Pillar of Severity.

The 22 Paths:

The "path" is the connection of meaning between the two primordial substances, and the tree of life represents the production process from spirit to matter.


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